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October 2014

List of 75 Most Popular Deep Learning Papers in the Bibliography

A month ago we published a blog post showing the 20 most popular Deep Learning papers in the bibliography,  this time we’re showing the 75 most popular Deep Learning papers in the list below. Note that this blog post (and the other blog posts) and the deep learning bibliography itself is available on github: github.com/memkite/DeepLearningBibliography …Read More

Updates to the Deep Learning Bibliography from Li Dong (and Knut O. Hellan

We’re of course grateful for updates with new bibliography entries to the Deep Learning Bibliography from researchers and practitioners in the field (note: we don’t mind if you suggest your own papers to the bibliography as long as they are within deep learning). The update with new bibliography entries today is suggested by Li Dong (State Key Lab …Read More

Update with 162 new papers to Deeplearning.University Bibliography

Added 162 new Deep Learning papers to the Deeplearning.University Bibliography, if you want to see them separate from the previous papers in the bibliography the new ones are listed below. There are many highly interesting papers, a few examples are: Deep neural network based load forecast – forecasts of electricity prediction The relation of eye …Read More