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Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

This blog post gives a brief overview of recent deep learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP) publications sampled from the NLP category published on http://deeplearning.university (see also follow-up blog post on Deep Learning for Speech Recognition)

(disclaimer: this was quickly put together for a local workshop, but hopefully useful)

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Amund Tveit

Sentiment Analysis

Language / Sentence Semantic Modelling

Anomaly Detection

Part-Of-Speech Tagging / Parsing

 Machine Translation

Dictionary Analysis

Query Handling and Information Retrieval

Document Summarization

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About Amund Tveit (@atveit - amund@memkite.com)

Amund Tveit works in Memkite on developing large-scale Deep Learning and Search (Convolutional Neural Network) with Swift and Metal for iOS (see deeplearning.education for a Memkite app video demo). He also maintains the deeplearning.university bibliography (github.com/memkite/DeepLearningBibliography)

Amund previously co-founded Atbrox , a cloud computing/big data service company (partner with Amazon Web Services), also doing some “sweat equity” startup investments in US and Nordic startups. His presentations about Hadoop/Mapreduce Algorithms and Search were among top 3% of all SlideShare presentations in 2013 and his blog posts has been frequently quoted by Big Data Industry Leaders and featured on front pages of YCombinator News and Reddit Programming

He previously worked for Google, where he was tech.lead for Google News for iPhone (mentioned as “Google News Now Looks Beautiful On Your iPhone” on Mashable.com), lead a team measuring and improving Google Services in the Scandinavian Countries (Maps and Search) and worked as a software engineer on infrastructure projects. Other work experience include telecom (IBM Canada) and insurance/finance (Storebrand).

Amund has a PhD in Computer Science. His publications has been cited more than 500 times. He also holds 4 US patents in the areas of search and advertisement technology, and a pending US patent in the area of brain-controlled search with consumer-level EEG devices.

Amund enjoys coding, in particular Python, C++ and Swift (iOS)

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