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January 2015

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

This blog post gives a brief overview of recent deep learning for Natural Language Processing (NLP) publications sampled from the NLP category published on http://deeplearning.university (see also follow-up blog post on Deep Learning for Speech Recognition) (disclaimer: this was quickly put together for a local workshop, but hopefully useful) Best regards, Amund Tveit Sentiment Analysis Adaptive multi-compositionality for …Read More

Update with 408 recent papers to Deeplearning.University

It has been a while (November 2014) since our last update to the deeplearning bibliography at http://deeplearning.university – but underneath is an update with 408 recent papers (late 2014/early 2015). (This update combined with existing papers will be published to deeplearning.university shortly) Best regards, Amund Tveit (twitter.com/atveit – amund@memkite.com) Links to Deep Learning Subtopics [3d] …Read More