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May 2015

Continuous Integration for testing Metal GPGPU shaders for iOS with Swig, Numpy and Python

Apple Inc’s Metal is an alternative to OpenGL for graphics processing on iPhone and iPad, but it also supports general purpose data-parallel programming for GPUs (i.e. GPGPU programming) it is an alternative to OpenCL and Nvidia’s Cuda. The Metal shading language is based on the C++11 Specification [PDF] with specific extensions and restrictions, but one challenge with Metal is …Read More

Treadmill Desks – the Future Software Engineer Office Rig?

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook described sitting as the new cancer, and using a treadmill desk is perhaps the easiest way of reducing the amount of sitting – at least in an office environment. As most novel technologies treadmill desks has the classic celebrity endorsement (Victoria Beckham), and is expected to become a unicorn billion dollar business as it enters the …Read More