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New Tutorial – Image Handling in DeepLearningKit

There has been a few requests (on github issues and stackoverflow) about image handling in DeepLearningKit, this is about how to transform back-and-forth between bitmap format used in the Deep Learning ( calculation and UIImage used in tvOS and iOS DeepLearningKit demo apps (for OS X the issue is still unsolved since NSImage is slightly… Read More »

Tutorial – Using DeepLearningKit with iOS for iPhone and iPad

Clone DeepLearningKit:  git clone 2. Clone demo app: git clone 3. Open DeepLearningKitForiOSDemoApp.xcodeproj in xcode (e.g. from Finder) 4. Have a look at ViewController.swift – notice that import DeepLearningKitForiOS gives an error (in red) 5. Open Finder and Drag DeepLearningForiOS.xcodeproj over to the demo app in xcode 6. Highlighted line below shows how the framework DeepLearningForiOS.xcodeproj can… Read More »

DeepLearningKit – Deep Learning for iOS (tested on iPhone 6S), tvOS and OS X developed in Metal and Swift

In early October we purchased the new iPhone 6S and had high expectations of its GPU performance. One of the reasons for our expectations was a blog post by Simon Gladman where he wrote that iPhone 6S had 3 times the GPU performance of iPhone 6, this was also reported by TheNextWeb. In our GPU programming… Read More »

DeepLearningKit – Open Source Deep Learning Framework for Apple’s iOS, OS X and tvOS

Happy to announce that a (early) version of DeepLearningKit is available on:  FAQ 0. What does DeepLearningKit do? It currently allows using deep convolutional neural networks model trained in Caffe on Apple’s iOS, OS X and tvOS  (transformed from protobuffers into json with the tool at – a tutorial about this will come… Read More »